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18th-Feb-2013 10:30 pm - Poupée Pairs (midnight) [poupee pairs]
yusuke 08 ronwya

Do not join if you have run out of ribbons or will not be able to comment as soon as possible.
Join only if you have ribbons and if you are able to comment as soon as possible.
Do not join if you have not finished other comment clubs or Poupée Pairs.
You must specify the number of comments you have in the subject line of your post.

You must have at least 50 items in your closet to join Poupée Pairs.
Comment on this entry with a link to your closet, and in the subject line specify the number of comments you have to share with your partner.
If you notice someone without a partner, and agree with the number of comments they have specified, reply to their comment with a link to your closet.
Go to your partner's closet and find the items that you want to comment on. Ensure the items are equal to the number of comments you and your partner have specified.
If you see an illegal item, please tell the owner. DO NOT report them.
Comment on the items you have chosen in your partners closet. If you lose track of how many comments you have made check your ribbon history.
Suteki is optional though encouraged.
Please inform your partner when you have finished with commenting in their closet.
If there are any issues that cannot be sorted out between you and your partner, please contact the poupée pairs hosts or a moderator for help.
Have fun!

please don't forget to add your pair as a friend if you want to get 200r!
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