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poupee_girls_cc's Journal

Poupee Girl Comment Clubs!
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♥ comment clubs community for pupe.ameba.jp/ ♥

Welcome! Before you get started, keep in mind a couple of rules! Curious about the process of earning ribbons through poupée_girls_cc? Well let me give you a brief overview.

To participate in comment clubs, you first need to be a member of the community. Simply click here to join!

When joining a club, please use the following sample format:

(poupée name)
http://pupe.ameba.jp/item/xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/ (item links)

Always be mindful of the number of participants and item links that are stated for each club you join and make sure you comment all items posted by the other members accordingly. If you make a little mistake with your "joining comment" please refrain from deleting and edit, or make a reply, with your corrections to your "joining comment"

After commenting on all posted items for the club you joined (please do ensure the "You got 5* ribbons" notification is present), post "Done" in the subject line of a reply to your "joining comment". Simple? Definitely.

If you don't see the "You got 5* ribbons" notification, please take note that the ribbons will reset at 12:25 AM Tokyo Time every day. Comment on all of the items that did not receive ribbons with the comment during the following reset and within 36 hours of joining the club.

Don't forget! You can only post twenty ribbon-giving comments every reset and there is one reset at 12:25 AM Tokyo Time every day. Also don't forget that you can have lots of fun browsing other people's closets and earning ribbons with poupée pairs too!

Also, the use of illegal items in comment clubs is NOT allowed, this is a rule of pupegirl website so it's an obvious rule of the community too. If you do have some illegal images in pupe please clean your closet before joining clubs, you might also be at risk of being blocked by pupe, because if everyone in the club notices you have stolen images, they might report you and your poupée could be blocked.

Any questions? Feel free to private message any of the moderators (listed under "maintainers")! We'd be glad to help & clarify anything.

You can get 2 ribbons per comment if you comment on a poupée. You can get 5 ribbons per comment if you comment on a poupée friend.

Affiliated poupée communities:
poupee_girl poupee_suteki poupee_news

active moderators/maintainers are: verito_s & taai_liira